The YL Way

The Young Living Lavender Farm // Mona, Utah

Not all oils are created equal.

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Just a quick browse on the Interwebs reveals that there are lots of essential oils options out there. Having tested several of these brands over the years, I’ve come to find something really special about Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products. Here are just a few of the reasons why Young Living consistently proves to be the world leader in all things oils.

  • Young Living uses a seed to seal process that ensures each bottle is top-shelf, full-on organic goodness.
  • According to FDA laws, a bottle of essential oils only has to consist of 7% essential oil in order to be considered “pure therapeutic grade.” That means that 93% of your essential oil bottle is full of who-knows-what. Young Living uses third-party testing and rigorous quality control to ensure that each of its products meets the gold standard. In fact, 70% of bottles produced at Young Living farms are actually recycled back into the land because they have not met the top-tier standards to be distributed.
  • Because YL owns their farms, you can visit them anytime to see all of this in action.
  • Young Living has the most diversified line of oils and blends in the industry.
  • The KidScents and Animal Scents product lines are uniquely formulated to meet the special needs of children and pets.
  •  Young Living’s line of dietary essential oils, called Vitality oils, are safe for consumption and tout the 100% pure therapeutic-grade goodness of all other Young Living oils.

Now that you know what sets Young Living apart from the rest, see how simple it is to get started using essential oils and oil-infused products in your daily life: the Premium Starter Kit.