Healthy Home

white-2582833_1920In July of 2018, Charlie and I moved into our dream home, affectionately named Crangle Hall.

For over a year prior, we prayed and sought wisdom from others on how to create a home for our newly blended of seven. One thing we realized very quickly was that our current space – the home Charlie bought as a single dad – would not cut it. We needed more room for everyone and wanted to be in a safer neighborhood, preferably with a bit of land to explore and enjoy.

The process of getting our current home market ready and searching for a new place to make our nest was stressful to say the least. But I would do it all again if it meant we’d end up here.

One of our biggest changes since moving into Crangle Hall has been ditching harmful ingredients like toxic chemicals and candles and switching to healthier, safe alternatives through Young Living (YL).

As an Independent Distributor of YL goods, I am passionate about sharing our family’s continued wellness story and helping other families find healthier alternatives, too.

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