About Dear Ellie

Every week or so, I field questions from you, my cherished readers, in a special column called Dear Ellie. This is where the truth-telling and the “Wow, you too?” come together… It is a place for the lost and found, troubled and certain, and everyone in between.

Dear Ellie FAQ

Why do you do this?

As long as I can remember, I have always loved advice columns. There’s something about a person admitting that they don’t have it all figured out, you know? And more than that, a person admitting that they don’t have it all figured out AND wanting to grow and change. To me, that’s magic.

Several years ago, I found myself living in isolation and fear. It was a shell of a life, really, and I knew that I needed to make some serious changes. The first step I took was making the decision to live more truthfully.

The thing about telling the truth is that while it can be painful and scary, I think it draws people together.

Once I started telling my story, I got emails and texts and messages and phone calls from dozens of people who were struggling with a lot of the same mess as me… things like parenting children, keeping a marriage together, trying to leave an unhealthy relationship, making ends meet financially, and making healthier lifestyle choices.

This fall, I decided to publish these exchanges (with my friends’ permission of course) in an effort to help others who could use the same advice.

As people read these posts, something really special happened: readers just like you reached out with their own questions. And so what started as a sort of therapeutic exercise for me is now growing into its own new, beautiful thing.

Life is tough. I am thankful for the people in my life who help me navigate it all. And I’m honored to play a small role in helping others find and speak their truth, too.

Are you a therapist?

Nope, not at all. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History (with a minor in English) and a Master of Arts in Teaching. My posts are not meant to be a substitute for professional advice or mental health care. I am simply here to share advice from my own experiences with the hopes that lessons I’ve learned along the path of my life so far might help you, too.

What sort of topics do you give advice about?

Anything and everything. There isn’t a topic I’ve yet shied away from. Most letters I receive have to do with relationships – parenting, marriage, friendships, etc. – but there’s room for it all.

Can I ask my question anonymously?

Absolutely. Simply fill out the form here. You have the option to leave your name and/or email address, but the only required submission is your question.