Making Friends With Charlie.

IMG_2827Last night, Charlie and I did a brave thing: we went on our first double date as a married couple. Finding time to make friends as an adult is difficult. Add on a layer of nervousness and fear of rejection that comes with any new friendship possibility, and it’s easy to come up with a hundred reasons why now is just not a good time.

We know that community is important. We believe in knowing and caring for people. We value authentic relationships and being connected to others. And yet we’ve been married for over two years and haven’t really lived these beliefs out apart from church activities (which is a whole ‘nother bag in and of itself).

And so last night was a really big deal for us. We were a little nervous and apprehensive – not because of the sweet people we would be spending time with but because of our own fears and feelings of inadequacy. But just five minutes in to dinner, I felt like we were sitting across the table from kindred spirited people who, like us, had been softened and shaped by suffering and loss in ways that one only understands if they’ve had a similar experience.

We enjoyed several hours with our new friends – first at dinner and then to see Drew and Ellie Holcomb’s incredible holiday show, A Neighborly Christmas. On our way home, Charlie and I talked about how valuable it is for us to have friendships as a couple and we are already truly looking forward to dinner plans with our newfound friends.

I believe life is fullest when we are sharing it with others, and I’m thankful for a chance to open our hearts to new people.

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