Finding a Balance: Natural Hormone Support

If we want to make sure our bodies are functioning properly, keeping our hormones in check is one of the most important priorities.

Hormones regulate our body’s natural processes. From growth and metabolism to mood, hormones act as little messengers telling our body what to do. If just one small hormonal imbalance occurs, side effects like depression, weight gain, severe mood swings and fatigue can show up and wreak havoc in our lives.

There are many ways we can naturally support a healthy hormonal balance. Eating fresh, healthy foods every day and staying hydrated ensures that your body has the nutrients it needs to function properly. But sometimes, that’s not enough.

When you’re needing additional hormone support, essential oils are a great tool to have in your wellness toolbox.

Why essential oils?

It might be surprising to learn that your skin is actually the largest organ in your body, and its ability to absorb substances makes it even more unique. When essential oils are used topically (applied directly to the skin and rubbed in), they can pass into the bloodstream and be directed to the parts of your body that need them most. website banner 1 (2)

Remember: Some oils need to be diluted before being applied to the skin, so make sure to pay attention to labels and follow usage instructions carefully. Because Young Living essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade, it doesn’t take much to do the job. In fact, it takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to produce the oil in one 15ml bottle of lavender essential oil. Yep, you read that right. 27 square feet.  YL oils are potent in the best way, so a little goes a long way!

3 hormone-balancing EOs and blends

01 | Progessence Plus Serum

Bursting with six essential oils and USP-grade progesterone, this serum is specially formulated for women and designed to support hormone balance and promote feelings of relaxation and harmony. It’s 100% plant-based and vegan friendly.progessence plusTo use, simply place one drop of oil on your forearm and rub your forearms together. This can be done both in the morning and evening. Since adding this to my routine over a month ago, I have experienced profound changes to my mood and all the ups and downs that tend to happen over the course of my monthly cycle. I highly recommend for any woman, particularly those who are 30 or older.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 1.36.59 PM02 | Dragon Time™ Essential Oil

This proprietary blend of six essential oils features clary sage oil which helps balance estrogen levels in the body. Many health issues are due to excess levels of estrogen in our bodies, including infertility and estrogen-based cancers. The Dragon Time™ essential oil blend was designed to level out estrogen production and support the body’s natural hormone system.

Dragon Time™ naturally promotes feelings of stability and calm, which can really come in handy when hormone changes occur. Simply dilute one drop of Dragon Time with 1 drop of a carrier oil (our family uses fractionated coconut oil or olive oil) and apply to your abdomen or lower back for relief from menstrual cramps. Add 2-4 drops to a hot bath. Diffuse along with peppermint for a calming, uplifting diffuser blend.

03 | Frankincense Essential Oil

Getting-to-Know-Your-Essential-Oils-Frankincense-Essential-oilOne of my favorite oils in the premium starter kit, frankincense essential oil, is known for its ability to boost thyroid function and your body’s natural immune response. Its earthy, uplifting aroma can be diffused into the air to promote a grounding and comforting environment.

Beyond its hormone-balancing benefits, frankincense is also my go-to oil for healthy skin. It naturally smoothes the appearance of dark spots and acne and helps you maintain a radiant, natural glow. Frankincense is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which carries with it myriad other health benefits.

Here are some of the ways I use frankincense to help you make the most out of this jewel in the PSK…

+ add to a neutral moisturizer to promote healthy and even-toned skin
+ diffuse along with peppermint and lavender for an uplifting, grounding diffuser blend
+ apply directly to acne or aging spots

No matter how old you are, your hormone levels matter. For years, I felt imprisoned by my mood swings and really struggled with navigating my emotions in a healthy way through the ups and downs every month. Using essential oils to bring hormonal balance to my life has made a profound difference in my mental health and relationships, and it could make the same difference in your life, too.

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