#bbchat | Self-Care Essentials

Thank y’all so much for your flexibility last week as I cancelled our weekly #bbchat to navigate some scary health issues in my family. My dear Aunt Karen was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis on Sunday morning and while she is on the mend, her healing and recovery will be a marathon not a sprint. We are thankful for the care she is receiving and for all of you who have kept her in your prayers and supported us during this time.

Over the past several years, I have learned more and more about dedicating some of my time and energy to my own self-care. It’s a difficult thing to do, particularly for those of us in helping professions, but self-care must be a part of our regular habits if we are going to keep on keepin’ on as teachers. I might not be able to get to the beach (my happy place) every weekend, but there are things I can do to make life a little less stressful and chaotic.

This week, we’ll be delving into this topic a little deeper, and I hope you leave the #bbchat feeling encouraged and refreshed and inspired to care more for yourself. These are the questions we’ll be discussing:

Question 1. What is self-care to you?

Question 2. How does self-care enable you to do your best work as an educator?

Question 3. What obstacles do you face when trying to develop self-care habits?

Question 4. If you were giving a student teacher self-care advice, what would you say?

I hope to see you all tomorrow night at 7pm CST! Simply search the #bbchat hashtag, click “latest” in the top menu bar, and get ready for some Twitter #edchat fun!

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